Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OK!!!! So it has been a while right? We had so much fun playing the shows that we played recently. Thanks so much to anyone who came out and gave us your ears for about 20 minutes!

We have a few things now added to out merch store that you can go check out... ...We printed some shirts and we also had a few of the Deluxe Shadow Box's left. Go order one now while they are still around!
We also printed some buttons that our friend Nathaniel that runs helped us make! we are very happy with the way they turned out. If you order something we will go ahead and send you one.

We are very excited to be playing a show with two awesome bands Kite Party and Glocca Morra.
This is going to be such a fun show! Check out the details Here.

So Sorry about all the links going on... haha.

- Sean/Avair

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello everyone! Sorry we haven't kept you up to date as of late. We have had a lot going on and we are starting to finalize our tour dates and we have also been working on the finishing touches of our EP "Fathers" for you lovely people. We played a few shows recently here in Idaho. We played with a band called Is It Is from Kansas and those dudes were pretty rad. They reminded us of early Sunny Day Real Estate and were supper nice guys, so check them out! We also played a house show in Rexburg at The Dirt House (Alex's house) with our very good friends Danny The Skeleton Horse. We partied it up and had a killer time.

We have finished the cassettes of "Fathers" and have 2 versions for your purchasing pleasure if you would like to buy one. Our good friends at Black With Sap Records have helped us out so much and we also now have a link to stream "Fathers" so check it out if you haven't already. The pictures are shown of both but we are so pleased with the final product. We are also gonna have some shirts soon and also more CDs as well.

This is the link for Sean's little label he runs for the bands stuff as well... you will be able to purchase the Cassette from either of these sites.


Thanks for your support and we hope to see you soon at some of these shows!

We have 2 shows coming up in the next few weeks:

4/27 - The Wax House 8:00pm
5/5   - The Dirt House w/ Jack France, & Seminole Roots @7:30pm

Come hangout and enjoy some incredible local music and help support local artists and their passions. We Love You.


Friday, March 9, 2012

So now that we have our recordings done we are working with our best of friends Cameron and Dylan at Black With Sap Records to help with some packaging. We will be doing 100 Cassettes (15 very special edition packaging - Don't miss out!) and i don't know how many cd's for now. Here is a taste of the front cover for now...

Thanks so much to Cameron for editing the picture to look a bit better. Thanks for staying interested and there is only but a bright future for you, us, and music!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

We are getting closer to finishing our EP. Just two more songs to do vocals for and then a few special things we are doing. We are gonna have something suprising for everyone hopefully at the Loma Prieta show on March 7th in Idaho Fall at The Wax House check it out…


Monday, February 20, 2012

AVAIR live at The Wax House 1/15/12

Thanks to Tay Tay Hawkins we have a video of our song "Painting Windows" from the last time we played at The Wax House in Idaho Falls, ID. CHECK IT OUT!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello! Well I (Sean) just finished up the very last 2 Corsair Wolves shows (my other band). Corsair Wolves was a very fun band and it helped me very much as a musician, but seeing we all want different things... we are no more. Avair now has my full attention...100%! We are getting a van hopefully this week and then we will start booking shows and a few small tours. As far as the EP goes, Alex and I are just going through and recording vocals and polishing up a few things then we will have it out to listen to!
We have 2 shows that we know of coming up. March 7th is with LOMA PRIETA ( and in April or May, maybe June we are playing with MNWA (!!! Check them both out or if you know them then you should be very excited like we are!